Telenor easypaisa low quality standards

July 17, 2010 09:47AM

Telenor easypaisa is not a small business (ya koi pheri wala chota kaam) daily hundreds of money transfer transactions are done with Telenor easypaisa. But Telenor is not focusing on its quality of service as they are doing to spread this service with more features and on advertising side.

Telenor have easypaisa dealers which do not know fully about telenor easypaisa features. They just know what to do like they do with Telenor easyload sim cards.

It is believable that Telenor easypaisa is a quick and cheap money transfer service, but telenor needs to grow quality of service too.

Once I went to Telenor customer service center to receive money , they said money has finished kindly come back after two days on Monday due to upcoming holidays. That day I was so annoyed with telenor easypaisa I probably should not had visited telenor easypaisa again.

Telenor easypaisa website maps shop locator is a flop, wrong or out dated locations. And Telenor call center cannot help for locations. Below is an image of telenor easypaisa shop locator.

In above image of easypaisa shops locator more than half of locations are just road names, broken addresses such as words like Dijkot, Faisalabad, Faisalabad 3800, Faisalbad.

I do not know if it is webmaster's mistake or mistake of Telenor easypaisa management who takes addresses from merchants. As i have told before telenor does not train their merchants, easypaisa merchants will laugh at you if you say you want to add money to your easypaisa account. He said to me that there are only three things he can do, can send money, can receive money and can take bills payments. He said he does not have any information that customers can add money to their own account as EasyPaisa account.

More, telenor is saying everywhere that non telenor and non easypaisa account holders can also pay utility bills without any extra charges totally free at telenor easypaisa shops, but this is a lie, Telenor easypaisa retailers are allowed to take 5rs to 15rs extra charges from customers for utility bills payments.

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Zong free SMSC

July 17, 2010 09:46AM

Found this service center number for Zong Pakistan.

Go to your SMS settings and add +22676600150 as new SMS service center number, And activate it if asked on some phones.SMS

Then send totally free SMS messages nationwide or international sms messages.

To send SMS you need to write number in international format, even if you are sending within Pakistan.
Examples: +9212345678, +9665412345

Enjoy :)

I do not know when this service center number is gonna blocked, leave comments.

Telenor free call trick

July 17, 2010 09:43AM

Telenor free call trick,

Working in Karachi, call 0304 code mobile numbers from Telenor, call will not be charged to you, it is due to some network problem today.

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